About Us

About the Go Group

We know the size of our capabilities, and we know the way to achieve our goals

Go Group is a leading strategic investment holding company in many sectors in the Middle East and North Africa region. We are proud of our strong presence in the Egyptian arena, and our ethics-based business model that distinguishes us from others. We believe that companies thrive and achieve the best results when they discover their own strengths and skills to make better use of them. This requires us to focus all our resources and energies on building a strong investment asset portfolio in many sectors. Indeed, we currently have large numbers of operating markets, other than the various basic products that we produce and are accepted by consumers, through our companies operating under one effective umbrella: Go Group Company.

The company is distinguished by having a large base of companies and factories in all fields, as well as agents for several major factories and companies, with a total investment of 120 million Egyptian pounds. The company is distinguished by its effective capacity, price excellence and after-sales service.

– We work to serve many types of companies at various levels.

The number of employees of the company is approximately 170 employees.

– Go Group includes 5 companies: Pure, Go Cash, Satchel Egypt, Go Tensis, Next Shine.

1 - Pure Company

– The company works in the field of packaging and packaging of foodstuffs in all its forms and types, and it has its own products under the brand (Pure – Jad).

– Its products include: Pure Ghee – Pure Bid Sugar – Pure Legumes.

– It also works in the field of supplying more than seventy types of food in all its forms, such as (juices, carbonated water, mineral water, tea, oils, sweeteners, chocolate).

It has a factory and its headquarters is in the industrial zone north of Katameya – the third assembly – New Cairo.

– Pure Company has a strong reputation as it has many customers inside and outside Egypt and many suppliers and agents.

2 - Go Cash Company

It is a leading company in electronic payment services and financial inclusion, and it has many capabilities, and its field of work is at the level of the Republic, and it seeks to work pioneering at the level of the Middle East.

3 - Satchel Company

Safety Healthy Quality

It is a company with a documented and approved brand that has many branches in the Middle East (Arabian Gulf, North Africa) and operates through two main axes on more than 170 products.

The first axis: product warranty

Where the company guarantees many products of high quality and competitiveness in the markets and these products (cosmetics, family care products) and the company enjoys being an agent for many distinctive brands and the main distributor for them in the Middle East and supplies them to the local market.

The second axis: the manufacturing of its products

The company manufactures many of its products, represented by more than 58 products in the local market and is exported to many European countries and the Middle East (paper products, family care products, women’s care products, frozen vegetables, household appliances, detergents, medical preparations).

– Within the framework of the company’s future planning, the company is constructing its factory in the investment city of Tarbol at a cost of 37 million Egyptian pounds.

4 - GO Tensis Company

Since its establishment, it has been working in the field of catering and providing dry and cooked meals to many different parties, such as private companies, oil companies, government institutions and major companies in Egypt.

– It has a factory in 6th of October city and another factory in Ismailia.

5 - Next Shine Company

– The company works in the field of advertising in all audio-visual means, import, export and commercial agencies.

The Strategy

– Developing the strong presence of our companies under the umbrella of the group in all local and international markets through trust with our customers and diversifying the fields of investment.

– Enhancing the sales equation between wholesalers and retailers.

– Increasing production capacity to meet the demand for the company’s products.

– Offering products that keep pace with different consumer patterns.

– Maximizing profitability through product diversification and enhancing the efficiency of industrial activities.

– Expansion of the company’s business on the regional and international arena.

– Increasing returns and opening new investment areas.

The Message

“Go Group” seeks to gain the confidence of the public through its constant keenness to adopt the best quality standards to offer a variety of products and services.

“Go Group” is committed to using the best materials and components, adopting the latest industry technology and best protection and safety practices.

“Go Group” is keen to invest in the talents and human energies of the work team, as well as investing in the development of its products on an ongoing basis within the framework of the firm commitment to the company’s social responsibility.